The Pack 
Why Listen? More like why NOT listen! 

The short and sweet

   We are students of NWU bringing news and entertainment to the Wesleyan world. With a new setup and a new crew we are ready to hit the ground running and get active.


What are we doing?

   By playing music you know from the radio and you don't know from local artists, while attempting to enter the world of radio talk shows we hope to keep you informed and entertained.


Why listen?


   Why not! By listening your not only showing your school spirit, by listening you can help prepare and encourage the students who gain experience and interest for the field of radio broadcast.


Where can you listen?


   Unfortunately as of right now you can't, but we are working on that. When we do start broadcasting you will be able to go to a link on our homepage that will allow you to listen. We are also working on the ability to have people listen through their iTunes player.


How can you join/help?


   We are in the beginning stages of starting up and are looking for people that are interested in helping out. We are looking for people that are willing to do or have a talk show, while not everyone will be able to have spot on the air if no one shows interest in being on air the variety and level of interest will not be as good. Sadly we can not pay those who do but the experience is worth the time.


Will NWU sports be broadcasted?


   Not at first, we do not yet have the capability to broadcast on location, but we will give updates of games as they become available.


Where are we?


   The stations physical location is in the basement of the Student Center across the hall from the Grab 'n Go in the Media Center (*formally known as the Publications Office).